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Knee pain, arthritis, cartilage damage

Knee pain, arthritis, cartilage damage - Dos & Don'ts in TKR / total knee replacement


Dr Harish R J  and Dr Mallinath, Sr. Orthopedic Surgeon in Bangalore, explains in detail about Total Knee Joint Replacement commonly called TKR which is probably one of the most common surgery performed to fix knee arthritis (cartilage damage & probably most common cause for knee pain in old age) It is active frank discussion with Dr Mallinath sr. Orthopedic surgeon in Bangalore.

Dr Mallinath who is expert in various orthopedic procedures and surgeries answers to following question: What is TKR? When do we need TKR? Who needs TKR? Before, during and after total knee replacement care for TKR patients Recent trends in managing arthritis of knee Key words: Knee pain, knee arthritis, knee pain relief, how to cure knee pain, knee pain remedy, total knee joint replacement, TKR, Implants for total knee joint replacement, after surgery care, after surgery exercises, physiotherapy for knee pain, everything about how to cure knee pain, knee pain prevention, home remedies, health solution, Health tips for Knee pain, How cure of Knee Pain, Knee Pain Medicine, Knee Pain Home Remedy, After watching this video you get to know most of the things that one needs to know about total knee replacement surgery

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