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Laparoscopic Paraumbilical hernia repair with mesh fixation

Laparoscopic Paraumbilical hernia repair with mesh fixation

A paraumbilical hernia is an area of weakness in the anterior abdominal wall around navel. Usually the diagnosis is straightforward - a swelling or bulge in or around the navel which expands when one coughs, sneezes or strains would suggest that an individual suffers from hernia.

A small umbilical / paraumbilical hernia can be repaired using traditional open surgery. In this method, the surgeon makes a cut in the skin directly over the hernia and repairs the defect. A small hernia can be repaired with sutures but for any hernia bigger than 2cms (3/4th of an inch) a mesh repair is advisable.

If however, hernia is bigger and requires a large cut (incision) or if a previous open repair has failed then your surgeon may advise a keyhole ("laparoscopic ") repair. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and a small ‘telescope with cam’ (laparoscope) is passed into abdomen above the navel. the abdomen is filled with co2 gas, to help see everything properly. Two further small cuts are made in the abdomen to insert instruments to help with the operation. The surgeon will disconnect the hernia contents from the abdominal wall and then put a mesh in place with metal staples from inside.

Laparoscopic paraumbilical hernia repair with mesh fixation using absorbable sutures offers the ideal outcome with low recurrence as demonstrated by Dr Ashok G N, It has lesser complications of infection, seroma formation, and chronic pain with faster recovery.

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