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Carpal tunnel syndrome – Pain in hand

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the combination of signs and symptoms that arise due to compression of median nerve in the carpal tunnel. This compression causes pain, tingling and numbness sensation distal to the compression, over the area of the skin innervated by median nerve, also clumsiness in the hand in the later stages.

Usually the inflammation of tendons is due to repeated stress injuries at the wrist due to improper wrist posture while typing or contact stress on the wrist while working with the computer mouse

Other risk factors include obesity, hypothyroidism, diabetes, pregnancy, renal disease, inflammatory arthritis, acromegaly, mucopolysaccharidosis, genetics, age and smoking

In general, an individual with carpal tunnel syndrome will present with nocturnal paraesthesia and Intermittent pain in median nerve distribution area. With time the individual will develop weak grip, fatigue with repetitive activity. He/she may also have clumsiness or weakness of hand.

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