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Measure haemoglobin levels in blood

Measure haemoglobin levels in blood, video demonstrates how to test hemoglobin percentage, hemoglobin concentration or hb% manually. This is an educational and informational video to find gram percentage of hemoglobin in human blood.

Haemoglobin can be estimated by two methods- Sahli's Haemoglobinometer and hemoglobin color scale.

Here you will learn about the Sahli's method:

You will need stirrer, Haemoglobin pipette, 0.1 N Hcl, Distilled water, 20 microliter blood, lancet, spirit swab, Sahli Hemometer,.

Step 1: Fill the Hemometer tube with N/10 Hcl till 2g% mark

Step 2. Add 20mu l blood to it using pipette and mix thoroughly

Step 3. Then add drop by drop distilled water and mix until the color of tube matches with the color of tubes provided on either side. The level at which color matches will give the estimate of haemoglobin concentration in grams percent

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